If a Sickly Boy, 

Who Was Born With the Sickle Cell Disease,

Could Build 3 Successful Businesses that Make Him Several Millions of Naira Every Year

Who Told You that You Can’t Do it?

The Good News:

If you join the African Business University today, the school fee is completely FREE

Steve Courage, 

Lagos, Nigeria.

Fellow African,

You know this truth:

The fastest way you can make all of the money you ever need...

...have all of the freedom you desire

...and live (exactly) the way you want

...without anyone dictating what you must do and how you should do it….

…is to have a successful business that makes you more money than you need.

BUT, there’s a problem and that is:

Making a business successful is extremely difficult.

You have to work hard to discover a product or service a lot of people want.

You have to get hundreds or thousands of people to pay you a good price.

(Or you won’t make reasonable profit that can make you rich).

You have to know how to raise capital or you won’t even start anything in the first place.

And did I tell you that you have to deal with difficult employees, build a team and the most difficult one:

Win (terrible) competitions in the marketplace?

If anything in the world is difficult, it’s building a business that makes you a lot of money.

And before you think that’s all,

There’s another problem and that is:

How do you build a business (a successful business) that runs itself?

I mean, unless you’re among the few people in the world who love to work 14 hours every day,

Your goal is to build a successful business that doesn’t just give you all of the money you need,

But also gives you the freedom to live the way you want

But how exactly do you do that?

Let’s face it:

Building a business that manufactures a lot of money for you and runs itself is as difficult as hell.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you one more reason why building a business is very difficult:

Nobody teaches you how to do it in school.
Plus, the society really doesn’t expect you to build a business.

Since everyone gets a job and work for 35-40 years, that’s what you were trained to do,

even if you’ll never be happy or rich as an employee.

The question I keep asking…

More than 21 years ago, when I was only 13 years old, I started having problem with what the school preaches about money.

One day I asked myself:

“Why is everyone teaching me how to be an employee?”

My entrepreneurial journey had started when I was probably 7 years.

My poor mother would roast groundnuts and ask me to go sell them around our village (Oyi-Adio Village, Nigeria),

just to make some money, so we could eat.

Because I was the only child living with my mother in the village, I was her partner in her petty businesses.

I would be in my mother's shop selling beer, sweet, biscuit, kerosene and cigarette.

When I was a little older (maybe age 9 or 10), my mother started sending me to the next two village to buy things she would sell.

Even though I hated school, I can’t remember any single moment I hated selling things as a child.

When I was 11, my mother got terribly sick with stroke.

So, we moved to our hometown (Iree, Osun State).

Since my mother could no longer run her business because of the ailment, I needed to choose another “business partner”.

I chose my friends (Seyi Olawoyin and Ponle Adeniji).

My friends and I would buy raw corn in the morning, roast it in the evening and sell at 100% profit.

If I bought corns of around ₦1,000, I would make extra ₦1,000 profit.

My friends and I later ventured into sand-selling business.

We would wake up early in the morning (whenever it rained in our town) to pack sand in drainage around us.

We would then sell the sand to people who wanted to build houses.

At some point, we joined ourselves to bricklayers who were building houses.

We worked with them as labourers.

However, because I was born with the Sickle Cell Disease and always fell sick, I couldn’t do well as a labourer.

So I stopped.

By the time I was 13 years old, I had started having problem with school.

My teachers and head masters always talked about how we needed to do well in school so we could end up getting good jobs.

I somehow felt I was not born to be an employee.

I was just a boy of 13.

Yet, my instincts kept telling me that working for another man all my life would be a terrible idea...

...and could make me poor forever.

I couldn’t just see how or why I needed to have a job before I make money.

I think this was probably because I’d spent all my life in environments where people sold things (not time) to make money.

"Why should I work for another man all my life"?

"Why can't I work for myself?", I asked angrily at age 13.

When I was 15, I felt that I needed to venture into a smarter business (than roasting and selling corn on the street).

That was when I started my first major business.

It was a bicycle renting service.

Here’s what I did:

I told my parents to give me money for school but I used the money to buy a bicycle.

I bought the bicycle for ₦2,500.

After school or on weekends, I would take my bicycle to an open field where my mates would rent my bicycle.

I charged ₦5 (five naira) for 5 minutes or ₦10 (ten naira) for 10 minutes.

Unlike when I was selling groundnuts or corn, 

making money from my bicycle renting service was a lot easier and I enjoyed it.

Sometimes I felt guilty that I was “collecting” money from my mates.

Later, I understood that it's normal to collect money from people as long as you can give them a service or a product in return.

At 16, I sold my bicycle renting business and started a photography business.

I bought a small, analogue camera (with the money from my bicycle renting business which I sold).

I would take my analogue camera to school and during the break time or sport events, I would take photos of my school mates.

For each photo, I would collect N40 (if you were my friend) or ₦60 (if we were not close).

I would give the finished film (film is what we called what they turned to photos those days) to my step brother.

My step-brother would help me print them to photos at the laboratory.

We printed each copy for ₦18 (eighteen naira) - ₦20 (twenty naira).

I was making an average profit of ₦30 (thirty naira) on each photo.

Again, photography business seemed like an upgrade for me.

It was easier to take people’s photo.

Unlike the bicycle renting business where I charged 5 (five naira)-10 (ten naira), I could make up to 30 (thirty naira) profit from a photo.

I loved the fact that I was making money.

I don’t know why but (from my childhood) I love selling things and making money.

Maybe it’s because my parents were poor and I had to make money to buy some things I needed.

Or because I grew up seeing my mother always selling things.

For whatever reason, I love giving people what they want and getting them to give me money in return.

By the time I was age 18, I had started 4 different businesses of my own,

and I had been involved with 3 businesses of other people in my family.

…my mother’s petty business,

…my stepbrother’s shoe making business and,

….another stepbrother’s photography business (which was where I learnt photography).

When I was around age 19, I became a shareholder in EcoBank of Nigeria by acquiring few shares in the bank.

Preparing for a full-time career as an entrepreneur...

Between ages 19-21, I devoted myself into a CRAZY reading habit. 

I read about 250 books in about 3 years.

What do you think most of those books were about?

What else could it be?


I loved entrepreneurship so I wanted to know everything I could possibly know about how to build a business that make a lot of money.

Even though I had no money to buy all the books I needed,

for a period of about 2-3 years, I made a commitment to borrow EVERY book I saw with anyone.

I would stop people on the road, smile, greet them and ask them to tell me about the book they were holding.

Since people like to talk about what they read in books,

these people would tell me things they have read in the book.

I would look at them with great interest as they talked.

When they finished talking, I would ask like my life depended on their book:

PLEASE, I have to read this book.

Since people who go about with books usually have more books at home,

when I read one of their books, I would make sure I visit their homes to borrow more books from them.

I just wanted to know everything about entrepreneurship!

I wanted to know everything I could about building a business that makes a lot of money.

Before the Internet became popular in my little town,

I would go to the cyber café at night (it was cheaper at night).

I would spend all night searching for successful entrepreneurs,

reading their blog posts, quotations and watching their videos,

while my mates watched pornography at the café,

I would spend all night taking note from my entrepreneurial teachers.

At some point in my life, I would travel about 29 kilometers

(from my hometown, Iree to Osogbo, Osun State), just to read in the national library.

I would get to the library by 7AM and when the library wanted to close by 5PM,

 I would be angry (because I wanted to read more).

Many days when I had to go to church, I would be walking and reading on the road, on my way to church.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, whenever the Reverend Father started talking too much in the church,

I would sneak to the back of the church to read my business book.

I took books with me everywhere I went, just in case I found 5 minutes that wanted to waste.

I once took a book to the bathroom, hung it and read through the pages while bathing.

Taking books to the toilet was a usual thing for me.

Yes, it was crazy but I wanted to build a successful business that manufactures a lot of money.

So, I had to learn how people who had done it before did it.

I decided to learn how to do it from anyone who had done it.

I stopped watching movies.

I wouldn't watch soccer.

I hated anything that came from the TV, just so I could have time to study.

I just had to figure out how people build businesses that make a lot of money.

One day, my father reported me to my eldest sister that I was running mad 

When I confronted him, my father said,

Anyone who reads too much will go mad!”

I told my father I wasn’t running mad.

But since anyone who is running mad may not know he’s running mad,

my father probably didn’t believe me.

With what my father knew about me, I couldn’t convince him that I was not running mad

No normal human being reads every hour of the day.

No normal human being reads on the street.

No normal human being hates the TV, 

So my father believed that something must be wrong with me.

By the time I was 20, nothing in the world could make me see any future outside entrepreneurship.

One Wednesday, around June/July of 2007, I looked to the sky and made a covenant with myself:

“I will either build a successful company or die trying to build one.”

I felt that I had studied entrepreneurship so much,

plus I had spent practically all my life in environments where I or other people do businesses.

How could I ever become an employee?

I simply could not see how I would become an employee.

I couldn’t see anything stopping me from building a hugely successful company,

not even lack of capital.

So when I was 21 years and six months,

I announced to my parents and family members that I won’t go to school again.


Well, although I was one of the best students in the polytechnic where I was studying accounting,

what I heard every lecturer saying was:

“If you study hard, one day you’ll get a good job”.

I loved accounting very well.

I was the best student in my class.

But everything we were taught was how to calculate money for the people who own businesses,

never how to build a business that makes the money.

I was angry and I stopped schooling on Monday June 30th, 2008.

I left school without ANY degree or certificate.

With only ₦8,500 (around 20 dollars), I went fully into the business world on Thursday, 24th of July, 2008.

I was confident (or even rude).

I believed I knew what entrepreneurship is all about.

But I was wrong!

The kind of business games I played as a child (which was fun and easy)

wasn’t going to be the kinds I would meet when I went fully into the business world in July of 2008.

I started my full time entrepreneurial journey in a place called Ogbomoso (Oyo State, Nigeria).

After six months of terrible failures, mistakes and hunger,

I moved to a place called Obaagun, (Osun State).

After another months of failures, I moved to a place called Ila-Orangun (Osun State).

I later moved to Ilorin (Kwara State)

and "wasted" another six to seven months of my life trying and failing.

Then Offa, (Also Kwara State).

After about 5 long years of trying, failing, hunger, moving around like a lost soul,​

being advised to go back to school and being ridiculed by everyone who loved me,

I moved back to Iree, my hometown (I think it was 2013).

Six years into my full time entrepreneurial journey, something in me was “advising” me to give up.

And I would have given up if I could because the journey was too difficult.

But I couldn’t give up.

There was no possible way I could give up my entrepreneurial dreams because I left school without any degree.

Even if I decided to live a normal life and get a job,

no one was going to give me any meaningful job since I had no degree.

So I always told myself;

“Keep fighting till you build a successful business or die”.

Honestly, I had no third option.

So whenever my father, mother, family members or friends called me to preach to me about why I had to "live a normal life",

go back to school and get a job, I simply felt that I had made a covenant with myself.

Just as if I was in a secret society where I had made a blood covenant,

I always saw two things whenever I closed my eyes:

A successful business that makes me rich



To make my situation worse, nobody understood me.

My father was angry with me because I stopped schooling.

My mother cried many times because she thought I might end up as a failure.

My only brother disowned me.

Yes, you read that correctly.

My only brother told me that because I wouldn’t go back to school or get a job, he didn’t want to be my brother anymore.

For 8 long years, I was rejected, ridiculed and laughed at.

I was lonely.

My phone rarely rang (because only a few people wanted to speak with me).

Then, I hit my luck.

Around January of 2016, I borrowed a book from a friend.

Reading that book, I learned about “Match-making” business model.

I read the book, took some notes and returned it to my friend (as I always did)

However, one Friday in February of 2016 (about 2-3 weeks after I read the book), 

I wanted to sleep at night and (maybe as I closed my eyes), two images flashed through my head;

the image of what I read in the book and the image of my blog

(I had started a blog at this time).

Suddenly, I remembered that thousands of people who visited my blog were people looking to start Agric businesses.

These people needed help but I wasn’t able to help them (because I'm not a farmer).

Now I had an idea.

Using what I learned from the book I read a few weeks ago,

I started an Agric Technology Company in Nigeria.

Suddenly, I became excited all over again.

I worked day and night on the new idea and within 3 months,

my first successful business had started making me money.

I named it AgricExperts (You can Google it).

Within one year, AgricExperts got clients and sold our products/services in more than 15 states of Nigeria

and in about 3 other countries of the world.

My second breakthrough came about 11 months after I started AgricExperts.

My third breakthrough came when I built one of the most innovative media companies in Africa (SSmedia).

Today, all my businesses operate under an incorporated limited liability company, 27th Century Nigeria Limited (you can Google it).

I hire people who are smart (some of them smarter than me) to run different aspect of the company

As a result, my company makes me several millions of Naira every year and gives me freedom to do whatever I want with my time.

Though I still work hard, I only work on things I love.

I hire people to do whatever I hate

So, Why Did I Start the African Business University (A.B.U)?

If you know me in the real world, then, you'll know that I'm an ANGRY man.

I get angry with so many things that are happening in Africa

I get angry seeing Africans running away from Africa in search of jobs

I get angry seeing that 23.2 million younths are unemployed in my country

I get angry seeing millions of people in Africa working like slaves on the jobs they hate.

I get angry seeing people who have been working jobs for one decade, yet, they are BROKE

And most importantly, I get angry hearing schools, parents and the society teaching young people how to be SLAVES to entrepreneurs (like me)

So in the year 2017, I decided that I would start my own University.

That's when I started the African Business University

I started the African Business University to teach a few Africans the little I know about how to build a successful business in Africa

My objective is to teach and inspire a few Africans who can end up building successful companies in Africa

The more successful companies we have in Africa, the better economy we'll have

The better economy we have, the more prosperous our people would be.

So How Does African Business University (A.B.U) Work?

A.B.U is a six (6) months business course (which you can take via your mobile phone)

Getting started with the A.B.U is as simple as A.B.C

  • A... You register for the A.B.U courses
  • B... You create your Username & Password (like the ones you use for Facebook or Email)
  • C... You login to the University portal at any time or day you wish


You will take all your courses online (through your phone or PC) so you don't have to travel to anywhere

 These are some of the things you'll learn at the A.B.U; 

  • The secret I used to build my first successful business in the year 2016. (I actually “stole” this from one of the biggest companies in the world)
  • The business model which gives you as much as 70% profit margin (remember traditional businesses give you 3-7% profit margin)
  • The revelation that can lead you to starting a (profitable) business tomorrow, even if you have no money as you read this (Forget all the B.S about capital)
  • The 2C formula only a tiny percentage of the world know and use to make all of the money (one of the C is all you need to forget poverty)
  • The very first thing you must do if you want to be rich in Africa
  • How to discover lucrative (hidden) business opportunities in Africa
  • How to get all the capital you need to finance your business ideas (even though I’ll show you how I started businesses with little to no capital of my own)
  • What you must do, if you want to start your own company (from scratch).
  • How to grow a small business to become a giant company (most Africans don't know how to do this)
  • The game entrepreneurs play against employees and how to stop being a victim of this game
  • How being an entrepreneur is different from being “self-employed” and while you must not be “self-employed”
  • How I use the internet to market my business (and manufacture lot of money), for free and how you can do it
  • The simple thing I did in the year 2008 that make me rich today.
  • How I run my company by selling “AIR” (I make most of my money without having to work) and how you can do it.
  • How I use OPR to build my company from scratch and how you can use it too
  • How you can find massive buyers for your products/services (if you don’t know how to do this, you don’t have a business)
  • The simple business secret I learned from a friend which made me a millionaire at age 33
  • The powerful business secret I learned from Think & Grow Rich (in the year 2007) which transformed my business unbelievably.
  • How I get my customers to advertise my company’s products (and how you can use the same strategies to make too much money)
  • How I position my business in such a way that makes my customers love my business (and give me more money) and how you can do the same to earn.
  • How I sell my company’s product at a very good price and make a lot of money (most people can’t become rich because they sell their products too cheap).
  • How to build a strong business team.
  • How to sell a lot of your products/services through the internet (even while you sleep)
  • How to build your own company using the internet  
  • What most Africans don’t know that makes them fail in business.
  • How I got all the capital I needed to be successful in business and how you can do the same.
  • What most Africans are doing that’s making them poorer (you must stop doing this, right now).
  • How to see the invisible wealth/opportunities in Africa continent (when others are seeing poverty).
  • How I got three million Naira capital to start a business from someone who doesn’t know where I live, without collateral and how you can use the same strategies I used (this is unbelievable but I will show you how I did it).
  • How to transform your small business to a giant company.
  • How to use other people’s time, energy and resources to make you rich (in a legitimate way).
  • How to take advantage of numerous business opportunities in Africa..
  • How I build my company from nothing to success and how you can do just that.
  • Plus tens of other mind-blowing business strategies that will help you to build your own company from nothing to millions.

What You Should Know about African Business University (A.B.U)

A.B.U is a six (6) months business course (which you can take via your mobile phone)

Getting started with the A.B.U is as simple as A.B.C

  • A... You register for the A.B.U courses
  • B... You create your Username & Password (like the ones you use for Facebook or Email)
  • C... You login to the University portal at any time or day you wish


You will take all your courses online (through your phone or PC) so you don't have to travel to anywhere

Paid Scheme & Scholarship Scheme

There are two kinds of students who joined the A.B.U;

Those who wish to pay the school fee and those who get our scholarship

The reason why we created the scholarship scheme is because we want as much people as possible to have access to the African Business University.

If we ask everyone to pay the school fee before they join the A.B.U, then, only few people would be able to afford it.

Because of this consideration, we ask anyone who wishes to pay the school fee to do so while we give scholarship to others.

Please Note;

Whether you pay the school fee of the A.B.U or you join the scholarship scheme, you have access to EXACT same courses.

We're doing this because we want to help the people who might not be able to afford the A.B.U school fee to have access to the A.B.U courses

To join the A.B.U's paid scheme:

School Fee >>> $50 per month
Portal Fee >>> Just $19 per month
Total = $69/month

6 Months = $414

3 Months = $207

To pay for 6 months A.B.U paid scheme, Click Here

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Please Note; 

​You'll have instant access to all the courses you pay for IMMEDIATELY after you make payment, even if you pay by 3AM

To Join the A.B.U Scholarship Scheme

Please Pay Attention!

If you join the A.B.U Scholarship Scheme, you're not going to pay for the A.B.U school fee ($50 per month)

The A.B.U School fee is 100% FREE for you (if you join the scholarship scheme).

You'll only pay for the portal fee, a token of $19 per month (#9,000/month in Nigeria, R290/month in South Africa, GHC109/month in Ghana, KSH1,999/month in Kenya).

If you're from other countries in Africa, you can convert $19 to your local currency to know how much that is.

Please Note;

If you want to pay the actual fees of the A.B.U (Paid Scheme), you will pay for the monthly school fee, $50 per month and the portal fee, $19 per month (Total: $69 per month).

But if you join the Scholarship Scheme, you won't pay the school fee.

You'll only pay a token of $19 per month which every student of the A.B.U pays as portal fee.

To join the A.B.U's Scholarship Scheme the fees are:

School Fee >>> ,$50 per month

Portal Fee >>> Just $19/month (#9,000/month in Nigeria, R290/month in South Africa, GHC109/month in Ghana, KSH1,999/month in Kenya).

Please Note; 

The above portal fee can be increased at any time if we think the cost of running the A.B.U demands so ​

Or we simply want to reduce the numbers of people who join the scholarship scheme

Such increment will NOT affect you if you register today.

Unbelievable Bonus

If you pay for 3 months portal fee of the A.B.U scholarship scheme, you'll get the remaining 3 months for FREE which means that you'll get the WHOLE 6 months of the A.B.U just by paying the portal fee for 3 months 

To register and have instant access to your courses for the A.B.U Scholarship Scheme, click your country below and choose any plan you wish



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India, US, UK, Other Countries in Africa, ETC.

Please Note;

Whether you pay the school fee of the A.B.U or you join the scholarship scheme, you have access to EXACT same courses.

We're doing this because we want to help the people who might not be able to afford the A.B.U school fee to have access to the A.B.U courses

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